Our sales of Chandler walnut saplings are approved by Ministry of Agriculture, certified and guaranteed. The other walnut seedlings that we produce areHoward walnut saplings, Pedro walnut saplings, Fernor walnut saplings, Fernette walnut saplings, Franquette walnut saplings, Ronde walnut saplings.Walnut saplings are sale with 100% guaranThe quality of walnut saplings is at the top. The walnut seedlings sold are sent with the invoice and the certificate. You can get free support after sales. Always contact us.teed.

Exports Walnut Saplings

Bandırma Fidan Fide Inc. export walnut saplings to many countries like its domestic sales.This countries are Russia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Macedonia.

Howard walnut

Chandler Walnut Sapling

It is medium sized as a tree and has a semi-upright structure. Growth starts in the middle of the season, It is about the same time as the Hartley walnut variety. The fruit in the side is …more information

Fernette Walnut Sapling

Fernette walnut saplings are usually planted as a powdery variety. It’s a good pollinator. Made with Franquette and Lara cross. Europe is also planted as the main varieties in some …more information

Howard Walnut

Pedro Walnut Sapling

Pedro walnut saplings are one of the varieties of walnuts produced in America. It is possible to plant in areas with low altitude and areas up to 1000 meters high. It is the only walnut …more information

Franquette Walnut Sapling

Franquette walnut saplings are one of the earliest blooming walnut saplings.It is also used as a pollinator.Chandler, Fernor and Pedro are used for pollinator walnut varieties. One …more information

Howard Walnut Sapling

Fernor Walnut Sapling

Fernor walnut saplings are also known as continental climate walnut. High altitude places are the best variety planted. It is not affected by seasonal frost events. This direction is …more information

Ronde Walnut Sapling

Ronde de Montignac is an old walnut variety belonging to France. It has a solid tree structure. Fruit yield is low. Usually the world is also preferred as a kind of pollinator. When we …more information



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Howard Walnut Sapling

About Our Company


Bandırma Fidan Fide Inc. Has been in the walnut sapling production sector for many years.Since 1985, it ha been carrying on its activities by supplying walnut seedlings to the entrepreneurs who will te plant for walnut production and providing the necessary ervices in this regard


Our company has sapling producer certificate and seeds dealer certificate which are necessaryfor walnut saplings production. We have all of the sapling certifications required for the varieties of walnut saplings we produce. All of our certifications are approvedby official institutions and organizations.

Our Membership

Our company has membership in the necesary official organization. Official organizations we are members of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livesock–Plant Manufacturer Sub-unit–Todab–Uludağ Exporters Union–Bandırma Chamber of Commerse–Bandırma Commodity Exchange.